Mission Statement

We here at Joey's Wrestling Room are not here to promote Joey but to promote womens wrestling.Though you will find alot of info. , pictures , and stats about her, we do this to show that with alot of hard work and effort you can achieve your goals . Wrestling is one of the hardest sports that there is and to excel at it you must work hard, put in the hours , and and compete against the best . Not everyone can be a state , national , or world champion, but if its your goal (Which we think it should be) , strive to be the best . If you lose a match , learn from it. If someone puts you down because you wrestle, overcome it and prove you belong there. If you do it for the exercise... work hard.

It is our goal for girl's to wrestle girl's in high school in all 50 states .We realize that it will not happen anytime soon , but with every girl striving for that goal the competition will get better . The only way for girls to get better now is to wrestle boys .

I hear that it is a no win situation for a boy to wrestle a girl. I think that you either win or lose. If the boy wins he is a better wrestler if the girl wins she is a better wrestler . As for ego's why is the boys ego any more important than a girls? I thought the whole reason to wrestle is to be the best. So what if you lose or win , just wrestle (Boy or Girl) .

As for the sexual harassment theory,  I ask .. what about figure skaters and cheerleaders. What makes it more acceptable to place their hands where they do on the opposite sex?

With all this being said..... We here at Joeys wrestling Room think that the cream will rise to the top. If we loose a match we will practice harder to win the next one. I have been more proud of some of Joeys loses than I have been of some of her wins. When you take a 3 time national champ to overtime and loose it is more exciting than wrestling a 1st year wrestler and pinning him/her in 6 seconds and getting outstanding wrestler because of it.

If you are a coach that will not let girls wrestle on your team, shame on you. You say they should wrestle only girls, I ask you , how are they supposed to learn the sport? Only a few will give the time and effort it takes to excel and learn to love the sport. Why punish the girls for trying? You could get the girls off your team faster by making them better. If more girls wrestled they might be able to get the numbers needed to form their own teams in every high school around the country .Look at Texas.. They promote the girls right along with the boys and the competition is fierce.

So ....Wrestling girls out there, keep up the good fight ,dont let anyone tell you that you should'nt be there, and be a good role model for the new girls coming out for wrestling. Good things will happen for girls wrestling in the future


Jerry Miller <>< wwcoach2001@yahoo.com

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