About Us

My name is Jerry Miller (Joeys dad) I created wrestlegirl.com to be a resource for womens wrestling.. Joey,s Wrestling room is a page about female freestyle and folkstyle Wrestling. We are not here to promote Joey but to promote all Women/Girl wrestling. If you have any news or womens wrestling info, e-mail us and we
will be happy to put it on Joeys page

My name is Joey Miller and I am 23MissioMmmMmmMmMm old .  I live in Woodward Oklahoma and love to wrestle . Wrestling is my life . I have been wrestling since I was 5 years old.I wrestle in college for OCU . I have 2 sisters Mary and Madison and a brother Frank. My Mom (Novell) works in the lunch room at my school and my Dad (Jerry) works as a mechanic for UPS.
 I would like to thank all the wrestlers (Male and Female) , and coaches for all the great e-mail's of support . I hope you enjoy my page ... if you do please sign my guestbook or e-mail me ..

For any questions or info e-mail Joey here   ocuwrestlegirl@gmail.com